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The people are warm, friendly and helpful – Travelers visiting United States will find a friendly, open welcome that makes vacations all the more fun. United States offers so many unique cultures and attractions that you will always find a new way to enjoy your holiday among happy, friendly people.
Explore Yellowstone, the Rocky Mountains and hike the Grand Canyon - Summertime is the best time to visit San Diego. The weather heats up, the ocean breeze blows cool, and everyone who’s not at work hits the beach. Add to that a healthy festival culture and a town that knows how to have a good time, and you’ve got it made in the San Diego sun.

United States is not just Coca Cola and MC. Donalds, but here are some of the world´s finest restaurants and wineries in the Central Valley California produces some of the world's best white wines.

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Some of the world´s greatest natural phenomena, see United States - One of the world´s seven wonders, Niagara Falls Buffalo - You will find the largest trees in Redwood forest California, a few miles. from San Francisco, which also houses the world´s most notorious prison Alcatraz

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There are so many memorable landmarks in the United States that it´s hard to limit the list to just a few. In the USA includes monuments, memorials, statues, bridges - man-made spaces and iconic structures that evoke certain U.S. destinations. A symbol of freedom and a U.S. icon since 1886, the Statue of Liberty is a major tourist attraction just outside of  New York City. - Mickey Mouse, Disneyland in Anaheim, California, is the original Disney destination and still one of the most visited theme parks in the world, with approximately 15 million visitors annually. Its sister park, Walt Disney World Resorts, in Orlando, Florida. Orlando, Florida is fun for all ages.

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Redwood forest

Largest, fastest, taller, longest moust luxurious in the world, it comes as no surprise that more than half of the worlds largest hotels are located in Las Vegas. Nevada

Niagara Falls

The Redwood forest north of San Francisco is a collection of some of the largest trees in the world. and California is the most populous state in the United States og America.

New York City - Possibly the most well known and celebrated city in the world, and do not forget Niagara Falls as a must see in America

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Las Vegas Nevade
Las Vegas Nevade

Las Vegas has evolved into the world greatest vacation destination, and there no better time to experience it for yourself. It’s no wonder nearly 40 million people visit Las Vegas every year – the city has something for everyone, with unparalleled shopping, dining, pools, spas, golf, the biggest names in entertainment and a sizzling nightlife. It’s excitement that only Las Vegas can deliver.

Las Vegas Nevade
Las Vegas Nevade

Let Us Entertain You
There a good reason why Las Vegas is called the Entertainment Capital of the World. Since its Rat Pack days, Las Vegas has been inextricably associated with legendary shows and entertainers. Say Las Vegas and it's likely that showgirls in elaborate headdresses and Elvis impersonators will come to mind.

Today, the Las Vegas entertainment scene still has plenty of its classic glamour, but it has evolved to include so much more. In addition to the iconic Las Vegas entertainment staples, the destination offers a lineup of award-winning magicians, Broadway-caliber productions, world-renowned concert headliners and unique-to-Las Vegas production shows.

America and Grand Canyon National Park
America and Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park
A powerful and inspiring landscape, the Grand Canyon overwhelms our senses through its immense size; 277 river miles (446km) long, up to 18 miles (29km) wide, and a mile (1.6km) deep.

Alcatraz Island San Francisco California
Alcatraz Island San Francisco California

San Francisco
San Francisco is located on the West Coast of the United States at the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula and includes significant stretches of the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay within its boundaries. Several islands— Alcatraz, Treasure Island, and the adjacent Yerba Buena Island, and a small portion of Alameda Island, Red Rock Island, and Angel Island are part of the city

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls were formed when glaciers receded at the end of the Wisconsin glaciation (the last ice age), and water from the newly formed Great Lakes carved a path through the Niagara Escarpment en route to the Atlantic Ocean. While not exceptionally high, the Niagara Falls are very wide. More than 6 million cubic feet (168,000 m3) of water falls over the crest line every minute in high flow, and almost 4 million cubic feet (110,000 m3) on average.

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls are renowned both for their beauty and as a valuable source of hydroelectric power. Managing the balance between recreational, commercial, and industrial uses has been a challenge for the stewards of the falls since the 19th century.

Niagara Falls is composed of two major sections, separated by Goat Island: the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side and the American Falls on the American side. The smaller Bridal Veil Falls are also located on the American side, separated from the main falls by Luna Island.


Philadelphia is a place of contrasts: Grace Kelly and Rocky Balboa; Le Bec-Fin -- one of the nation s finest French haute cuisine restaurants -- and the fast-food heaven of Jim s Steaks; Independence Hall and the Mario Lanza Museum; 18th-century national icons with 21st-century-style skyscrapers soaring above them. The world-renowned Philadelphia Orchestra performs in a stunning concert hall -- the focal point of efforts to transform Broad Street into a multicultural Avenue of the Arts.

Along the same street, 25,000 Mummers dressed in outrageous sequins and feathers historically have plucked their banjos and strutted their stuff to the strains of "Oh, Dem Golden Slippers" on New Year s Day. City residents include descendants of the staid Quaker founding fathers, the self-possessed socialites of the Main Line (remember Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant in The Philadelphia Story?), and the unrestrained sports fans, who are as vocal as they are loyal.


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Legoland California
Legoland California