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Copenhagen restaurant Noma has been named The best Michelin restaurant in the world. It s The S. Pellegrino World s 50 Best NomaRestaurants behind the crowning of restaurant Noma in the past year has been very successful to specialize in Nordic cuisine.
Our intention at noma is to create and to prepare a distinctly advanced kind of cuisine, while nonetheless conjoining our patently Nordic approach with a manner of purity and simplicity in the approach. We are also busy infusing our new Nordic cuisine with a markedly curative potential. These values are all reflected in our menus� ultimate articulation and manifest themselves both in the construction and presentation of the individual courses and in the means of preparation and ingredients upon which they are based. Book your table

Copenhagen is still Scandinavia s gastronomic capital. The Michelin Guide in 2010 have 12 restaurants in Copenhagen together 13 Michelin stars. Restaurant AOC is new to the list.

Nordic food best international
The past decade, the Nordic kitchen experienced a comeback of the very big thanks to Copenhagen s top restaurants.

With a focus on pure Danish and Nordic ingredients and innovative cuisine has been the city s restaurateurs international gourmet writers and critics to turn the spotlight towards Copenhagen. Book your table at noma

One of the restaurateurs are Ren� Redzepi, whose restaurant Noma has retained its two stars in the Michelin Guide 2010th

Safari and local tour operators

AfricanLooking for an exciting travel experience, a vilt bull safari or another, then choose the continent you want to visit, select the country you will go from, and you will find a number of tour operators offering safari tours. Have you experience of a safari trip, we'd hear about it. Tour Operators can even join

We specialize in private and custom-tailored safaris to East Africa. Visit the Serengeti in particular is Africa�s premier national park and offers the ultimate safari experience. SafariThe unrivaled concentrations of wildlife are guaranteed to captivate all who journey to the Serengeti. Our passion and unique specialty is maximizing your wildlife encounters through strategically designed itineraries, private vehicles and expert guides.

We are fully accredited in both the U.S. and Tanzania with memberships in the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators, Tanzania Tourist Board, American Society of Travel Agents and are proud to possess a double �A� rating with the Better Business Bureau. We look forward to working with you to plan and design your dream safari with all the flexibility and exclusivity that this once in a lifetime trip deserves.

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The best Michelin restaurant in the world

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Tell us what you want for your African safari or vacation: our experts will advise on an itinerary that best suits your needs and budget.