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California California
CaliforniaGolden bridgeLos AngelesDisnyland
California  Population: 36,750.225
Km2: 403,934  Religion: Cristian
  Capital of California: Sacramento
Cityzens in Capital of California: 477,891
International Airport: Los Angeles
Main language: English  Countrycode: US-CA
Currency: US$
California belongs to the Continent: United States

California is a State in United States. Visit California and discover a land of beautiful and varied scenery, the people of California are very friendly and no matter where you are, you meet always a friendly smile. In urban and rural areas, you will be welcomed with a special friendly atmosphere.
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Visit California

Visit California and where to go in California

Visit California MapEureka! That s California s motto, which means "I have found it." Whatever it is you re looking for, in California you can surely find it. A destination that has to be experienced to be truly appreciated, California epitomizes a place where anything can happen - and usually does. Californians revel in their quirks and contradictions, and are proud to live in one of the most diverse and exciting places in the world. We work, we play, we dream, we breathe, we exist - California extend an open invitation for you to visit and embrace your inner Californian and find yourself. So, visit California, live life in the fast lane, but don t forget to recycle!

More than 200 different languages are spoken in California. The arrival of people from every corner of the globe makes the state one of the most tolerant, cosmopolitan and open-minded societies on the planet. By embracing our people, we also embrace their culture, lifestyle, language and religion. Lucky California, and lucky you: all these different cultures in California create an undeniable variety of music, art, dance, histories and celebrations – not to mention cuisine – just waiting for you to explore.

California has been blessed with vast resources, and California s residents have been committed to making the state green. Most Californians are very conscious of the natural environment and have been successful largely in conserving lands and protecting endangered species. Throughout the state, you will find a staggering geographical diversity in landscapes – tide pools, chaparral, forests, lava beds, and just about any other ecological zone in California. In addition to the many national parks and , the state park system extends your reach to wildlife reserves, long stretches of coastline, and other environmentally sensitive habitats. - visit California and explore the Golden State

visit California Central Coast Central Valley visit smiling California Palm Desert california Gold county California
Central Coast
Big Sur
Morro Bay
Santa Barbara
Region MapCalifornia
Central Valley
Region MapCalifornia
Palm Desert
Palm Springs
Region MapCalifornia
Gold Country
Sierra City
Region MapCalifornia
Sierra Nevada Visit California california south Visit Burbank California visit North California
High Sierra
/ Sierra Nevada
Mammoth Lakes
Mono Basin
Tahoe City
  Region MapPDF
Inland Empire South Coast
Big Bear City
Garden Grove
Beverly Hills
  Region MapPDF
South Coast
Angoura Hills
Los Angeles
Region MapPDF
North Coast
Crescent City
Santa Rosa
Region MapPDF
South Coast California Visit San Diego California Golden Bridge Visit San Francisco Shasta Cascade Visit California Northern
Orange County South Coast
Huntington Beach
Laguna Beach
San Marino
Santa Ana
  Region MapPDF
San Diego South Coast
Santa Monica
San Diego
Region MapPDF
San Francisco Bay Area
Brisbane  Fairfield
Napa  Alameda
San Francisco
San Jose
  Region MapPDF
Shasta Cascade
Shasta Lake
Region MapPDF


Welcome to Smiling California

Angel Island Golden bridge San Francisco California

We're showcasing all that California has to offer right here including accommodations, restaurants and upcoming events. Make this web site your springboard for jumping into the Cities and Lifestyles that make up our paradise!

California is a near-mythical place for many people, a land immortalized by pop songs, movie stars, and images of palm trees and beaches. Every year, millions of people from around the globe travel to the Golden State / California in search of their own California experience. While not all will find what they were looking for, there are many reasons to make the trip to California.

Visit Hollywood LA California

The natural beauty of California is undeniable. Where else in the world can one find sandy beaches, harsh deserts and majestic mountains all within a couple hundred miles. In addition, California's numerous man-made attractions give tourists endless options for entertainment.

Yosemite National Park California
Yosemite Nationalpark California
Yosemite National Park is a must-see for those who appreciate natural wonders. Epic rock formations and magnificent waterfalls form the backdrop here. The views both from the valley floor and spots higher up are truly breathtaking. Hikers will find some of the most beautiful and challenging hikes west of the Rockies in Yosemite. Rock climbers consider the park a virtual nirvana, as the massive granite structures offer innumerable tests of their skills and endurance.

The greater Los Angeles area offers many top-notch theme parks, including Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Magic Mountain and Universal Studios. Disneyland gives kids of all ages the chance to go on thrilling rides, discover a myriad of themed lands, watch professionally enacted shows, and meet their favorite Disney characters. For tourists who really enjoy amusement park rides, Magic Mountain is hard to beat. Some of the most thrilling rides every created reside here. Knott's Berry Farm also offers an abundance of family-friendly rides and thrills, in addition to animal attractions. Universal Studios is as essential experience for any movie buff, with unique rides and exhibits from many popular motion pictures.

In Hollywood, visitors can see the Walk of Stars, featuring tributes to hundreds of celebrities. There is also often the opportunity to participate as an audience member in some of the many television shows that are recorded here. Nearby Ventura Boulevard provides a picturesque drive through the city and into the surrounding hills

Beverly Hills Las Angeles California Beverly Hills is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. Beverly Hills and the neighboring city of West Hollywood are together entirely surrounded by the city of Los Angeles.


The Redwood forest north of San Francisco is a collection of some of the largest trees in the world. Towering hundreds of feet above the forest floor, some trees are wide enough to drive a car through. In fact, one particular titan is hollowed out to allow just that. To the far north, the photogenic and volcanic Mt. Shasta offers a popular ski resort during the winter and numerous outdoor activities the rest of the year. For those who enjoy a scenic drive, Highway 101 snakes along the coastal mountains, presenting spectacular ocean views along the way. Visit Redwood Forest California

California is heavily populated from north to south along the coastline, but they state offers significantly different ecologies. In Northern California, one is much more likely to see signs of the four seasons, get cold temperatures and more historic feel in locations such as San Francisco. Southern California, on the other hand, has an extremely moderate climate with temperatures rarely dipping below 60 degrees even in the winter. Rainfall is also scant with San Diego receiving roughly 11 inches a year. If you are considering moving to California, there are two constants throughout the state.

California is heavily populated from north to south

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Legoland California
Legoland California