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Events experiences and Entertainment: Central Nevada,
Here's experiences, nature and pleasures for all.
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Nevada Nevada

Nevada  Population: 2,414,807
Km2: 809,826   Religion: Cristian
  Capital of Nevada: Carson City
Main language: English  Countrycode: US-NV
Currency: US$
Nevada belongs to the Continent: United States

2000 resident census population (rank): 1,998,257 (35). Male: 1,018,051 (50.9%); Female: 980,206 (49.1%). White: 1,501,886 (75.2%); Black: 135,477 (6.8%); American Indian: 26,420 (1.3%); Asian: 90,266 (4.5%); Other race: 159,354 (8.0%); Two or more races: 76,428 (3.8%); Hispanic/Latino: 393,970 (19.7%). 2000 percent population 18 and over: 74.4; 65 and over: 11.0; median age: 35.0.
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nevada state parkIt's about as famous as a vacation destination can get, but Las Vegas is really just the start of the thrilling adventure that is Nevada. Think staggering scenic delights, outdoor pleasures that won't quit, a fascinating cultural and geological history, world-class dining, lodging and entertainment.  Then think bigger, because Nevada has all that and more.

The Silver State is among the largest in the nation and puts all that space to good use. Nevada is divided into regional territories, each one amazing in its own way. The sprawling northeastern territory has been dubbed Cowboy Country, a rough-and-tumble landscape that true-blue cowboys and ranchers call home. With events like Elko's famous National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, no shortage of authentic Basque eateries and pristine, miles-wide vistas and endless blue skies, this region welcomes all.

In the northwest, Reno -Tahoe Territory is known for its recreation. Epic skiing, hiking and biking at stunning Lake Tahoe start it off, while nearby Reno and Sparks keep the vibe going with their Nevada-style entertainment, funky arts scene and boutique shopping and accommodations.

For a shot of history, try North Central Nevada, the Pony Express Territory, and follow the legendary Wild West mail route along "The Loneliest Road in America.” Pit stops include historic and eccentric little towns and one of Nevada's national treasures – Great Basin National Park.

Northern Nevada The state's largest territory, Nevada Silver Trails, is likewise brimming with sights to see. It's home to Nevada's highest point, 13,141-foot-tall Boundary Peak, its driest spot, Death Valley National Park, and arguably its most fascinating – the Extraterrestrial Highway.

Then there's the one and only Las Vegas Territory in southern Nevada. With roughly 40 million annual visitors, does it really need an introduction? If you can make it past the dazzling lights and pursuits of the city, you'll be just as astonished by its outdoor playgrounds like Valley of Fire State Park and massive Hoover Dam.

While the territories all have a thing or two or 10 to see, some of Nevada's most impressive amenities can be enjoyed statewide. Take the many varied championship golf courses, for instance, or the downright unbelievable outdoor recreation. The state's Western heritage is proudly celebrated statewide in various museums and parks too, as is American Indian ancestry. In fact, the sixth territory, Indian Territory, is really the heart of Nevada's historical side. It knows no borders within state lines and this is evident in the petroglyphs and relics in state parks and museums and in the annual Powwows and traditional celebrations enjoyed across Nevada.

Top to bottom, Nevada has a spectacular variety of activities to enjoy. Though well-known for fabulous Las Vegas and spectacular Lake Tahoe, there is much more to experience throughout the state.


Las Vegas Southern NevadaLas Vegas Territory/Southern Nevada
You may think you know Las Vegas Territory, but if neon lights and feathers are the first things to come to mind, think again. With world-class resorts like Wynn Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay and Bellagio, the Las Vegas Strip may be a festival of lights, music, shopping, dining and luxury, but that's just the flamboyant icing on the cake. Beyond this urban paradise lie towering peaks and unimaginable beauty, easily accessible at nearby Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and Valley of Fire State Park. Marvel at the world's third-highest dam with a trip to Hoover Dam, partake in water recreation at Lake Mead, and enjoy a drive to some of Nevada's most charming southern towns like Boulder City and Laughlin. While visiting this area, don't forget to check out one of the world's most impressive natural wonders. Grand Canyon is less than an hour away by air, and you'll find all sorts of tours leaving right from Las Vegas. Las Vegas Territory also boasts impressive art and cultural museums that will give you an entirely new perspective on this incredible region.

Nevada LakeReno-Tahoe Territory/Northwestern Nevada
Come winter, Lake Tahoe is one of the world's leading ski destinations, and it is just as impressive in warmer months too. The stunning alpine lake and its fantastic annual events draw water-lovers, hikers, bikers, climbers and sight-seers in droves. Nearby Reno and Sparks, the second largest metropolitan area in Nevada, also have no shortage of offerings. Downtown Reno is anchored by the Truckee River Whitewater Park and Riverwalk District, with regular events like wine walks, Hot August Nights, Artown and Street Vibrations. There's also excellent dining, boutique shopping and a thriving arts culture to be enjoyed. For a taste of the region's rich history, walk down the old wooden sidewalks of historic Virginia City or tour the quaint town of Genoa. After all, adventure comes in many forms in Reno-Tahoe Territory.

Cowboy Country/Northeastern Nevada
Cowboy up to Cowboy Country in northeastern Nevada. It is rugged Nevada at its best, known for endless vistas, open skies and Old West hospitality. Visitors come for all sorts of outdoor pursuits – unparalleled heli-skiing at the , miles of unspoiled beauty in Jarbidge Wilderness, fantastic ice fishing at no less than three reservoirs and all the hiking, biking, hunting and horseback riding you can imagine – but there are cultural pleasures to be enjoyed as well. When you've had your fill of the great outdoors, enjoy a savory meal at one of Elko's authentic Basque restaurants, tour a museum or two, or try your luck at one of West Wendover's five major casinos. Romantics, don't miss the Lovers Lock Plaza in Lovelock, the only place in the United States where you can lock your love on a never-ending chain.

Pony Express Territory/North Central Nevada
Named for the daring mail transport system of 150 years ago, the Pony Express Territory is still ripe with potential for adventure. In fact, U.S. Highway 50, dubbed"The Loneliest Road in America,” roughly follows the same route as the fabled Pony Express, so keep your eyes open for crumbling stops here and there. The road will also take travelers past the ruins of Fort Churchill, a 1960s U.S. Army base, the giant sand dune known as Sand Mountain, and an assortment of quaint and historic towns. Get a feel for the region's rich rail past thanks to restored historic buildings and railways in Eureka and Ely, then catch some fresh air with a hike up Wheeler Peak at Great Basin National Park.

Nevada Silver Trails/Central Nevada
Nevada Silver Trails is the largest and most diverse region of the state, yet it's the least populated. It's also home to the highest, lowest and hottest points in Nevada – almost like it was designed with adventure in mind. The sprawling territory is loaded with outdoorsy offerings, like the crisscrossing Silver State OHV Trail, 260 miles of trails that just beg for bikers, hikers, horseback riders and ATV lovers. Towns like Tonopah and Beatty serve as ideal fueling points for those adventurists making the trek from north to south or exploring the stark beauty of places like Death Valley National Park. Other small towns, like Caliente and Pioche are charming and interesting enough to warrant visits all on their own. This vast territory is also home to the largest national wildlife refuge in the nation, the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge, plus Area 51 and the Extraterrestrial Highway.

Indian Territory/Statewide
With a native ancestry traceable more than 10,000 years ago, it's little wonder that Nevada's Indian Territory stretches border to border. The earliest members of the Silver State's major tribes – the Washoe, Paiute and Western Shoshone – are evidenced today in preserved petroglyphs at Nevada's state parks, the relics and artifacts in its museums, and in their very ancestors who still call this land home. Annual festivals, Powwows and events like the Wa She Shu It Deh Native American Arts Festival at Lake Tahoe and the Walker River Paiute Tribe Annual Pinenut Festival in Schurz pay homage to these native peoples, as do organizations like the Scenic Byway Visitors Cultural Center at Pyramid Lake.

HighlightsNevada Mountains

State Parks
There are 25 parks, recreation areas, and historic sites in the Nevada park system, stretched across terrains as diverse as alpine forests and desert landscapes. Among them are the world-famous, 22-mile-long Lake Tahoe; Valley of Fire, with its 3,000-year-old petroglyphs carved in sandstone and breathtaking views of maroon-colored rock formations created during the age of the dinosaurs; and Ward Charcoal Ovens, which features six historic, beehive-shaped ovens that were built by Italian craftsmen and used in the late 19th century to make charcoal for smelting ore from nearby silver mines.

National Parks
Nevada's two national parks, Death Valley National Park and Great Basin National Park, couldn't be more different, but they're both spots that should be on everyone's must-see list. Don't be fooled by the name – Death Valley is a vibrant landscape of sand dunes, rock formations, canyons and more. Great Basin is a tribute to outdoor beauty, dotted with groves of ancient bristlecone pines, soaring peaks and limestone caverns.

Mining Towns
You can't go far in Nevada without evidence of its mining past. Virginia City is the most famous, thanks to the Comstock Lode, but towns like Tonopah, Carlin and Eureka all have sights to see. Take an underground tour or wander a museum, and get a sense of this integral part of Nevada history.

With a history like Nevada's, it's only fitting that its past is on display. Nevada's collection of museums runs the gamut from small and funky to truly grand. The eight state museums tell the incredible tale of Nevada, including the Nevada State Museum in Carson City, housed in the historic Carson Mint. Visitors can also glimpse into Nevada's past at several railroad museum, where they will find restored rail equipment, artifacts and exhibits. There are also art, automotive, children's, and niche museums, even one dedicated to Liberace!

Scenic Byways
Is there a better way to explore this mountainous state than to get out there and see it? Take a drive on one of Nevada's winding scenic byways – there are three national and seven state byways – and get up and close and personal with numerous state parks and spots like Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas, home of America's only nighttime scenic byway.

With Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe ranked among the country's top 10 wedding and honeymoon spots, Nevada is no stranger to weddings. Add to that famously lenient marriage requirements, an array of possible wedding settings to set just the right mood, and professional, experienced vendors, and it's easy to see why so many happy couples flock to Nevada for the big day.

Some of the best golf courses in the country are in Nevada. And with more than 100 resorts, the choices range from low-key to highly challenging, to hidden treasures and world-famous. Even better, Nevada has more than 300 days of sunshine every year, comfortable year-round play in southern Nevada and gorgeous views pretty much anywhere you decide to play.

When you think Nevada, think serious shopping. Fashionistas will find Las Vegas and Henderson to be chock-full of designer boutiques, while the bargain hunter will find the best deals in the region's many outlet malls. Up north, there are antique shops, big chains, funky boutiques and more.

Ghost Towns
For a real window into Nevada's history, wander a ghost town like Gold Point, Berlin or Belmont. Old wooden buildings, bits of machinery and an indescribable atmosphere make Nevada's old ghost towns a sight to behold.

Local Language

Visit Smiling Nevada

Let Nevada Capture Your Heart
Outdoor adventure at every turn. A fascinating heritage of cowboys and the Comstock. American Indian culture and artifacts. Special events that draw crowds by the thousands. This is spring and summer in Nevada, a time and place bound to capture your heart. Because when the days get longer, the skies bluer and the sun brighter, that’s when the Silver State really shines.

Nevada is one of the nation’s largest states, a statistic that translates directly to nonstop outdoor fun. And whether your preference involves bikes, hiking shoes, backpacks, swimsuits, kayaks or golf clubs, Nevada’s got you covered. Hot spots like Lake Tahoe and Lake Mead are havens for water lovers, trail groupies and the outdoorsy types, but points slightly off the beaten track are just as appealing. Thousands of square miles of backcountry, like those found in the Mount Charleston Wilderness or the Jarbidge River Trail, are premium choices for getting back to nature. And did we mention our more than 100 golf courses? Then there’s our incredible variety of special events and shows. From rib cook-offs and month-long art festivals to classic cars, Shakespeare, cowboy poetry and powwows, we take full advantage of our many outdoor stages. And when you’ve had your fill of our outdoor excesses, slow it down with a wander through a museum or two. North, south, east and west, the Silver State is home to a spectacular collection of these treasure troves, not the least of which includes eight state museums. Spend an afternoon browsing, and you’ll leave with an entirely new perspective on the influences that shaped this fascinating land.

Can you hear it? Summer is calling, and there’s no better time to escape to incredible Nevada! Find exclusive Nevada travel deals now and get yourself to the state that will capture your heart.

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