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Hamlet´s Home Town of Elsinore Denmark

Hamlets Castle

Utah by Motorcycle

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Grand Canyon Utah by Motor Bike

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Legoland California
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Monument Valley Arizona Travel stories

Cafe Olai
Bjarke Ingels Bridgs Elsinore Denmark

Cafe Olai
Victoria falls Zambia

Cafe Olai
BORDEAUX France Chateaux and Vineyeards

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Europe is known for the world´s top food Mecca and you will find the very best restaurants in Europe.
Noma has been voted world´s best restaurant for several years, and noma is located in Denmark.
French and Italian cuisine also ranks among the world´s best.

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    This is Capital Region of Denmark

    California is unfortunately not divided into regions yet.

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    There’s something about traveling, don’t you think? It has this way of changing you. Travel Maybe it’s that it takes you out of your comfort zone, or that everything you see and experience is new and exciting. But it seems that no matter where you go, and no matter how long you’re gone, it’s difficult to go on a trip and not come home different than you were before you left.

    Today we have asked some of our blogging friends to share their favorite travel stories, and talk about why it matter. They’re talking about where they went, how long they were gone, what happened to them while they traveled, and what they learned while they were away. We hope you’ll check out the links below, that you’ll find time to read them, and that they’ll resonate with you.

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    Chico  and Almonds ChicoCalifornia  Adventure 31-03-2023   NO
    Chico  and Almonds
    No visit to Chico is complete without a visit to the Bidwell Mansion State Historical Park, the home........
    Travelstories Adventure from Chico  California


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    Restaurant noma

    noma Copenhagen Denmark
    The best Michelin restaurant in the world

    Seabourn Yacth

    SEABOURN Adventure and luxury

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    Tell us what you want for your African safari or vacation: our experts will advise on an itinerary that best suits your needs and budget.