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      Points of northern Europe´s most beautiful castles
      attractions, Zealand has always had an important place in history and has for centuries been the Danish kings favorite playground. It shows the many attractions castles and sights on. Kronborg Castle , Frederiksborg Castle and Fredensborg Palace is the best known, but also Jaegerspris Castle and Selsø Castle is worth visiting.

      Forests in North Zealand has traditionally tempted royalty. They were a favorite hunting ground. Therefore, it is no other area in Denmark where the royal palaces were laid as close as here.

      Fredensborg Palace is often regarded as Denmark´s Versailles. The elegant Baroque palace was named after King Frederick IV, just with peace of mind, to commemorate the completion of the Great Northern War in 1772 (hence the name Fredenborg)

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      Fredensborg Castle FredensborgFredensborg Castle Fredensborg

      Fredensborg Palace is often regarded as Denmarks Versailles. The elegant Baroque palace was named after King Frederik IV, just with peace of mind, to ....
      Attractions attractions Fredensborg Capital Region of Denmark

      Frederiksborg Castle HilleroedFrederiksborg Castle Hilleroed

      This unique Renaissance castle was built by King Christian 4 In 1600 - centurys first decade, as an expression of his position as a powerful North Eur....
      Attractions attractions Hilleroed Capital Region of Denmark

      Hamlets Castle Elsinore ElsinoreHamlets Castle Elsinore Elsinore

      Kronborg Castle - in which Shakespeares Hamlet take place and if casemates Holger Danish sleep - was finished in 1585. The builder was Frederick II, a....
      Attractions attractions Elsinore Capital Region of Denmark

      Lystrupgaard Slangerup SlangerupLystrupgaard Slangerup Slangerup

      Lystrup yard (ex Espe Holm) in the small village in Slangerup has roots back to the earliest Middle Ages as the great mans farm. Later it was transfe....
      Attractions attractions Slangerup Capital Region of Denmark

      Asserbo Castle ruin FrederiksvaerkAsserbo Castle ruin Frederiksvaerk

      Founded a 1100s convent. Has been owned by Bishop Absalon. Later the noble family of Oxe and Laxmand.....
      Attractions attractions Frederiksvaerk Capital Region of Denmark

      Gurre Castleruin Kvistgård ElsinoreGurre Castleruin Kvistgård Elsinore

      Gurre Castleruin Located north of the highway between Gurre and Tikøb.Midtertårnet is from the late 1100-century, while the outer wall is listed....
      Attractions attractions Elsinore Capital Region of Denmark

      Hammermøllen Hellebæk Old watermill ElsinoreHammermøllen Hellebæk Old watermill Elsinore

      Hellebæk Hammer Mill is beautifully situated on the edge of the forest area Teglstrup Fence at its mill pond, called Keep The pond, fed by Helle brook....
      Attractions attractions Elsinore Capital Region of Denmark

      Esrum Møllegård Græsted  watermill EsrumEsrum Møllegård Græsted watermill Esrum

      Esrum Kloster blev grundlagt af Cistercienserordenen i 1151 og fik stor betydning som cisterciensernes åndelige centrum i Danmark. I dag fungerer Esru....
      Attractions attractions Esrum Capital Region of Denmark

      Esrum monastery GraestedEsrum monastery Graested

      Esrum Kloster blev grundlagt af Cistercienserordenen i 1151 og fik stor betydning som cisterciensernes åndelige centrum i Danmark. I dag fungerer Esru....
      Attractions attractions Graested Capital Region of Denmark

      Jægerspris Castle JaegersprisJægerspris Castle Jaegerspris

      Jaegerspris castle was first mentioned 1318 and named Abraham Squad. The residents were king Erik Menved and Queen Ingeborg. A tragic story tells that....
      Attractions attractions Jaegerspris Capital Region of Denmark

      Selsø Castle Skibby SkibbySelsø Castle Skibby Skibby

      Few kilometers east of Skibby lies Selsø Castle, which areas open southwards towards Roskilde Fjord over a large meadow with Gershøj town and Bognæs i....
      Attractions attractions Skibby Capital Region of Denmark

      Louisiana Museum of Modern Art HumlebaekLouisiana Museum of Modern Art Humlebaek

      Louisiana is an international museum with an outstanding collection of modern art. With its more than 3,000 works are museums permanent collection, on....
      Attractions attractions Humlebaek Capital Region of Denmark

      Aebelholt monastery museum HilleroedAebelholt monastery museum Hilleroed

      Æbelholt Abbey Museum is located 5 km west of Hillerød. At the Museum excavated the ruins of which in the Middle Ages was the largest Augustinian.....
      Attractions attractions Hilleroed Capital Region of Denmark

      Ship Handles Museum Elsinore ElsinoreShip Handles Museum Elsinore Elsinore

      Ship Handles Museum is a unique place that is part of the Elsinore City Museum, just Shipyard Museum....
      Attractions attractions Elsinore Capital Region of Denmark


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