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Sacramento California

Sacramento  California  Cityzens: 486189
CityKm2: 121 km2  Religion: Cristian  Region: Central Valley
  Sacramento: Kevin Johnson
council Population: 1.500.000
Larger City San Francisco
Main Airport: Sacramento
Distance to: San Francisco 900
Currency: US $
Sacramento is a´State in California United States
Countrycode: US-CA  Continent: United States

Sacramento is a town in California - United States, located in a beautiful area Sacramento city has a population of 486189 inhabitants. Visit Sacramento and discover a town of beautiful and varied scenery, Sacramento can offer many exciting experiences, good Restaurants and hotels, are you maybe looking for a Bed & Breakfast or camping space, you can choose from a range of options, Whatever where you go in Sacramento, you'll always find a friendly smile.
Local Language

Gold Rush Sacramento

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Palmer Frederikshavn Denmark Sacramento is the capital of California where Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is often spotted around town. The city has eight council districts and the county of Sacramento has a board of five supervisors. The Downtown Capitol is a true representation of the states historical values as well as the individuality that makes this Sacramento one of the nation’s fastest growing citites.

Downtown Sacramento hosts a wide variety of annual events ideal for all ages-Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, California State Fair, California International Marathon, Waterfront Festival, Free Museum Day, Grape Escape, Gold Rush Days, Juneteenth, Festival de la Familia, Pacific Rim Street Festival, New Year's Eve Sky Concert.

Come and explore Sacramento’s local scene and experience performing arts, music, theaters and galleries galore. Sacramento is home to over 32 theaters, galleries and museums. Night time entertainment range from quiet piano bars to folk and pop ensembles, live music of all genres- everything from country western to rock and roll.

Gold Rush Charm in California's Capital City sacramento old town Sacramento's history began in 1839 when Johann Augustus Sutter settled at the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers. When the Mexican government and Governor Alvarado granted 48,000 acres of land to Sutter, they did not realize that they had given away a literal goldmine. Gold was discovered in 1848 just thirty miles east of Sacramento, in Coloma. The rest is history!

sacramento old The news of the discovery spread like wildfire around the globe and fortune hunters came by the thousands from all corners of the world to California-Sacramento to be precise. In fact, it was recorded as the largest human migration in history. California became a state in 1850 and Sacramento its capital four years later. The city has been on the move ever since and is now one of the fastest growing regions in the United States.

Peacefully located in a leafy valley of scenic rivers and canopies of trees, today's Sacramento is a cosmopolitan convergence of tall, gleaming buildings, hearty Victorians, splendid restaurants and shops, a vibrant arts scene, and a virtual cornucopia of state of the art meeting facilities. Sacramento has been called a snapshot of Wild West history in a modern, world-class city. With a plethora of first-class hotel rooms and attractions Sacramento offers an affordable and exciting vacation and meeting destination. Its amenities, combined with the rich history of California's Wild West, help visitors once again Discover Gold in California's Capital City.

If you really want to visit the past, step back in time to the California Gold Rush era in Old Sacramento, a 28-acre town of historic buildings, museums and monuments. With strong preservation efforts, the wooden sidewalks, horse-drawn carriages, Pony Express monuments and Mississippi-style riverboats reflect the nostalgic appeal of early American history.

Local Language

Old Sacramento

History of Old SacramentoJohn Sutter Sacramento California

In 1839 John Sutter arrived on the shore of the American River near its confluence with the Sacramento River. With the promise of a Mexican land grant, Sutter and his landing party established Sutter's Fort. As the settlement grew and became permanent, it attracted other businessmen looking for opportunities. Sutter and the people he attracted created a commercial center in the area, but it was the Gold Rush in 1848 that created the City of Sacramento.


When gold was discovered in the nearby foothills by James Marshall, local merchant Sam Brannan rushed to open a store near the Sacramento River to take advantage of the convenient waterfront location. What was then called Sutter’s Embarcadero was soon known as the City of Sacramento. The city rapidly grew into a trading center for miners outfitting themselves for the gold fields.


Old Waterfront Sacramento California

Early Sacramento’s waterfront location was prime for commercial success, but was prone to severe flooding. The city also fell victim to repeated fires engulfing its hastily constructed buildings composed mainly of wood and canvas. In 1850 the new city experienced its first devastating flood and in 1852 the city was again wiped out by high water. It was apparent that drastic measures would have to be taken if it was to be saved.

Waterfront Sacramento California

In 1853 a mammoth project was proposed to raise the city above the flood level. The ambitious and expensive proposal was not fully accepted until another devastating flood swept through the city in 1862. Within a few years, thousands of cubic yards of earth were brought in on wagons and the daring scheme to raise the street level began. The original street level can be seen throughout Old Sacramento under the boardwalks and in basements.


Old Waterfront Sacramento California The center of the commercial district gradually moved east and the original part of the city on Sutter’s Embarcadero became known as the worst skid row west of Chicago. Reformers, ministers, politicians and others spoke out against conditions in this part of the city, but little was done to change the basic conditions.

In the mid-1960’s, a plan was set forth to redevelop the area and through it, the first historic district in the West was created. Today, with 53 historic buildings, Old Sacramento has more buildings of historic value condensed into its 28 acres than most areas of similar size in the west. Registered as a National and California Historic Landmark, the properties in the district are primarily owned by private owners, with individual businesses leasing shops and offices. The area has flourished and is once again a thriving commercial trade center.

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