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Region Sealand Denmark
Region SjællandRoskilde DomkirkeMøns Klint Møn
Region Sealand  Population: 816.460
Km2: 7.273 Km2  Religion: Christianis
  Largest City of Region Sealand:  Roskilde
Cityzens in Roskilde: 48.721
Main Airport: CPH Kastrup
Region Sealand belongs to: Denmark
Countrycode: DK  Continent: Europe

Region Zealand - South Sealand, Møn and Lolland-Falster,  large and small islands that are very different characteristic landscape with miles of beautiful beaches.

 Everything is literally connected by bridges. Storstroem Bridge and Farøbroerne connects Zealand and Falster, while Moen is connected with Sealand by Queen Alexandrine Bridge and Guldborgsundbro between Falster and Lolland.

Region Zealand's population is increasing

Local Language

About Region Sealand

The three most populous municipalities in Region Sealand is Roskilde, Naestved and Slagelse with. 81.285, - 80.954 and 77.457 inhabitants (January 2009.)
Distance from Copenhagen to: Roskilde (31 km), Slagelse (96 km), Holbæk (66 km), Kalundborg (102 km) 

Provinc Area Population Density
Sjaelland West 1,921 km² 210,968 124/km²
Towns: Kalundborg Holbaek   Slagelse
Sjaelland Central 1,020 km² 255.720 265/km²
Towns:  Ringsted Koege Roskilde 
Sjaelland South 2,185 km² 360.569 178/km²
Towns:  Naestved Vordingborg Nakskov

Region Zealand has a budget of 17.1 billion and employs approximately 18,000 employees. There are a total of approx. 816.359 inhabitants.

See sights and attractions in the region Zealand

About Region Zealand / Sealand

Region Sjælland Danmark

Region Zealand / Sealand s vision is to become a bridge builder which creates a healthcare system of the highest standard, great development potential for the users, as well as a good business environment.

Approximately 18.000 employees help secure the welfare benefits and development of Region Zealand / Sealand. Most of the employees work in the health care system and in the psychiatric units, or help children and adults in highly specialised social institutions.

Region Zealand / Sealand plays a central role in a network of cooperating partners, who work for a dynamic and coordinated development throughout the region, i.a. for business, education, urban development, public transport and certain environmental areas.

Thus, Region Zealand must make an over all outline for all the services, as well as securing that they are of the highest quality.

Serving Citizens Across the Region

Region Sealand / Zealand safeguards tasks, services and interests for a total of 800.000 citizens.

The wide range of services is spread out across 22 cities in the Region. There are twelve somatic hospitals along with a variety of psychiatric services in the region.

Politics and Organisation

The Political and administrative responsibilities reside in Regionshuset in Sorø.

Region Zealand / Sealand is overseen by Regionsrådet (The Regional Council) which consists of 41 politicians, who were popularly elected in November 2009. Council meetings, which are open to the public, are held once a month. When needed political ad hoc committees are established to shed light on current tasks or different areas of interest, and present their assessments to the council.

The many tasks at the institutions in the region and in Regionshuset are carried out in a dynamic interaction between the various units of the organisation. Managers and heads of ten administrative  areas and seven cross disciplinary areas, along with the three members of the executive committee, constitute the corporate management of Region Zealand.


Region Zealand has a budget of around 17 billion Danish kroner. The region is not financed by imposing taxes but given money from the state and the local councils, according to a centrally marked out calculation model. The money is spent on i.a. busses, trains, business development, environmental tasks and the running of social institutions. However, most of the money is spent on hospitals, psychiatric units and other expenses, related to national health services.

Spooky cozy Dragsholm Castle

Dragsholm Slot Vestjaelland Denmark

In Odsherred on Zealand is Dragsholm Castle, which hides the bizarre murder and gourmet

Dragsholm Castle in southern Odsherred is from the 1500s and is located at the foot of Vejrhøj. Before reclamation of the Lammefjord in 1875 was the castle strategically located on the narrow strip of land that separated Odsherred from the remaining Zealand. From here they had a view of the Sejerøbugten on one side and the fjord on the other, and be able to control traffic to and from the district.

The castle came to play a central role in Denmark in a conflict between royal houses of England and Scotland, and is worth a visit if you want to mark Denmark´s history up close.

The Castle Kitchen belongs now to Scandinavia gastronomic elite.

Holiday in Zealand, Moen and Lolland-Falster

Lolland Denmark

In Zealand, Moen and Lolland-Falster, you are close to everything: kilometer long beaches, diverse activities, wonderful attractions and charming towns. Copenhagen is just around the corner. On this website you will find all the detailed and inspiring information you need for your planning a vacation or business trip to East Denmark.

The islands offer a lot of sights in the form of museums, amusement parks and fantastic outdoor experiences.

Lolland welcomes you to an active vacation with more than 400 different attractions, which ensures that your vacation does not become boring.

The landscape
Lolland is a very flat island where most of its area is not rising more than 10 m above sea level. The terrain on Falster more kupret with a småbakket landscape, especially in the northern part of the island. On both islands invite the old market towns, with their old streets and beautiful well-preserved houses for a relaxing night out.

Welcome to Region Zealand Denmark Get PDF Map here


Roskilde WikingShip

The Viking Ship Museum and the Museum Island for groups

Address Vindeboder 12
4000 Roskilde Phone +45 46300200 Fax +45 46300201 Website Email

The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde is the Danish museum for ships, seafaring and boatbuilding culture in ancient and medieval times. The Viking Ship Hall, the oldest part of the museum, was designed by Erik Christian Sørensen and built as a big display case around the five viking ships from Skuldelev.

The late modern building is a particularly successful example of one of the contemporary international styles - the Japanese architecture and the minimalistic and straight "brutality". 

The shipyard of the museum contains Activity House where adults and children can try out their skills on the handicrafts of the Viking Age.

Roskilde Domkirke Danmark

Visit Roskilde:
  Welcome to Roskilde Domkirke

Roskilde Domkirke, is Denmark's most important church, both in the architectural context and the historical monuments that reflect the history of Denmark from the Middle Ages to today. Roskilde Domkirke Church exterior is marked by the many outbuildings, which over time has transformed the north and south original form, use of red brick, like the church has created a certain context. The interior presents itself as a highly cultured room, vaulted from the beginning and basically unchanged. As the burial church for the Danish royal family holds the burials including Margaret first and Christian 1 and all Danish kings and queens in the chapel are frescoes from various periods, the oldest is from ca. 1250, the church came in 1995 at the UNESCO World Heritage Convention. That same year opened a cathedral museum in the Great Hall of the Twelfth Chapel.

The old Tram Ringsted Danmark

Visit Ringsted:
  Welcome to Ringsted – The Heart of Zealand
Ringsted is situated in the very heart of Zealand and is therefore an ideal base for excursions in the region.
Go to Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum – take a ride with the old Tram and enjoy your picnic in the wonderful forest.
Visit the old royal church of Sct. Bendt with its many royal tombs.
Go for a stroll in Ringsted and be tempted by its variety of shops, cafés and restaurants.

RINGSTED TURISTINFORMATION Nørregade 100 4100 Ringsted Phone +45 57 62 66 00
Opening Hours:
Monday-Wednesday 11.00-15.00
Thursdays 11.00-18.00 Friday 11.00-13.00 Saturdays + Sundays: Closed

Roskilde WikingShip

Welcome to Holbæk. / Holbaek

Go sailing on one of Denmark’s most beautiful waters and visit the isle of Orø, »the Pearl of the Isefjord«. See the Ice Age landscape at Lake Maglesø. Meet fauna and prehistory in the Åmosen Natural Park. Take your bike and pedal through Lammefjorden »Denmark’s largest vegetable patch«. Check out our fine places to eat and sleep. Experience a broad display of cultural attractions - museums, churches, galleries, music & theatre, and - while you’re there - strike a bargain in Holbæk Town, the largest market town in North-West Zealand.

Visit Knuthenborg Safari Park - Northern Europe s largest wildlife park, animal park - you can drive by car around among the animals and thus get Knuttenborgclose to giraffes, rhinos, monkeys, ostriches and antelopes.Lolland Beach Denmark

Lolland and Falster are known for their long coastline, which is 600 km and offers many delightful and especially child-friendly beaches. On the east coast of Falster in towns Elkenøre, Sille troupe, Marielyst and Bøtø there is a 25km long sandy beach where there is room for everyone.

Moen: / Møn Stege - beautiful Danis´h design and handmade jewelry in gold and silver:

jewelry designer Flemming Scheldt Guldsmed

The very well known jewelry designer Flemming Scheldt says - It is my pleasure to welcome you here in Smykkeriets "universe"

All jewelry is handmade by excellent Danish artisans in our own workshop.

The inspiration for my jewelry, I find most often in nature's fanciful shapes with light-shadow effects, but other sources of inspiration can also include our own mythological world and the West African mythology with their Adinkra - sign.

jewelry designer Flemming Scheldt Guldsmed Guld Smykker

We are also negotiating the beautiful handmade jewelry in gold and silver and SOY-silver jewelry from Bolivia.


Shop and pearls in Stege (Luffes gård):
Open Tuesday – Friday: 11 – 17 and Saturday: 10 – 13.

Storegade 18C
4780 Stege
Phone: +45 55 38 88 50

Visit Denmark’s Sugar Museum NakskovDenmark’s Sugar Museum Nakskov Denmark
Here you can take a fascinating journey through the history of sugar with exhibits and films that will appeal to adults and children alike. One of the largest sugar factories in Europe is situated in Nakskov.



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Restaurant noma

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SEABOURN Adventure and luxury

africapoint Safari

Tell us what you want for your African safari or vacation: our experts will advise on an itinerary that best suits your needs and budget.