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Events experiences and Entertainment: Olympic Peninsula,
Here's experiences, nature and pleasures for all.
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Olympic Peninsula..
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Olympic Peninsula Washington State

Olympic Peninsula  Population: 378,000
Km2: 5,522,639  Religion: Christians
  Largest City of Olympic Peninsula:  Port Angeles
Cityzens in Port Angeles: 41,000
Main Airport: Port Angeles
Olympic Peninsula is a´State in Washington State United States
Countrycode: US-WA  Continent: United States

Olympic Peninsula is a region in Washington State United States. - Visit Olympic Peninsula and discover a state of beautiful and varied scenery, the people of Olympic Peninsula are very friendly and no matter where you are, you meet always a friendly smile.In urban and rural areas, you will be welcomed with a special friendly atmosphere.
Local Language

Olympic Peninsula

Olympic Peninsula
Olympic National Park

The Olympic Peninsula is a diverse blend of climates and natural wonders. Jutting out of the northwest corner Washington State, it comprises some of the richest and most undeveloped forestland in the region.

Olympic National Park, situated at the northwest section of Washington state, spans nearly one million acres. With more than 500 miles of trails, it offers an almost unlimited potential for backcountry activities, group hikes and nature exploration.

Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic National Park

Although the Olympic Peninsula is best known for its unusual rain forest ecosystem, the park actually has five diverse landscape settings.

Olympic Peninsula Washington State
Olympic Peninsula

They range from beachfront to the spectacular alpine scenery of the Olympic Mountains. 

Mount Olympus, which crowns 7,965 feet (2,438 meters), is the park's tallest mountain. Visitors also should not miss a trip to the Hoh Rain Forest, with its larger-than-usual trees and temperate jungle atmosphere.

There are more than 15 campgrounds in the park, ranging from semi-primitive facilities to campgrounds with flush toilets and RV-accessible sites. 

Camping fees vary according to the amenities provided and the size of the camping party. Kalaloch Lodge, located at the west end of the park, offers exquisite views of the Pacific Ocean.

Backcountry camping is available for visitors who plan to hike more than a half-mile into the wilderness. Some areas have handicap-accessible trails and exhibits, such as Hurricane Ridge, Meadow Loop and Hurricane Hill.

Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park.

The Northwest Coast is the coastal region of the Pacific Northwest and the Northwest Plateau (also commonly known as "the Interior" in British Columbia and the Inland Empire in the United States) is the inland region. The term "Pacific Northwest" should not be confused with the Northwest Territory (also known as the Great Northwest, a historical term in the United States) or the Northwest Territories of Canada.

The region's largest metropolitan areas are Greater Seattle, Washington, with 3.7 million people; Greater Portland, Oregon, with 2.5 million people. Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, with 2.4 million people;

A key aspect of the Pacific Northwest is the US–Canada international border, which the United States and the United Kingdom established at a time when the region's inhabitants were composed mostly of indigenous peoples. The border — in two sections, along the 49th parallel south of British Columbia and the Alaska Panhandle west of northern British Columbia

Olympic Peninsula Washington State
Olympic Peninsula

Whale watching in Washington typically focuses on Orcas (Killer Whales) in and around the San Juan Islands of Northwest Washington. Whales, however, also are often seen up and down the Washington coast and the species is not confined to the Orca. Gray whales and humpback whales also are seen as well as a wide variety of other marine wildlife.
Whale watching seems to be all about the Orca

Orca whales, also popularly known as "Killer Whales", are the most sought after whales for watching. Orca's typically travel in family groups called pods and generally are recognized as either transient or resident groups.

Gray whales also are sought after by whale watchers. Grays are seen offshore up and down the Washington's coast.

Whale watching Season
Orca whales in Washington are seen year around though most often during the whale watch season beginning in April and running through September.

Whale watching for Gray whales is best during the months of March, April, and May as they migrate to summer feeding grounds in the North Pacific from their summer breeding waters of Baja California.
Whale Watching in Washington's San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands draws more whale watchers, but the Orca whales are seen all along the coast of Washington as well as in and around the San Juan Islands and the Puget Sound, part of the Salish Sea.

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